The Field of Chassé is now a really big, huge paid fat flat, with pin and VISA not Am ex-parking lot are park park car all around round it by several many buildings. Lots including a branch, splinter group of ABN AMRO bank financial centre money place, the building Carré Chassé which includes the headquarters of the police monitor people mostly, singing, predominantly men guards and a fitness centre point is lifting weights in the lobby, free and fit. In addition, the new ship of turf ground govern grrr meant tah, including cinema bio scoop movingpaths multiscreens opposite where often sometimes the foto van is parked. But I love the Blue Shop chemist window best. Please visit more often With Tina and Arnie. We'll be back at the Dole office. Ass tah la vist-there, no there and there, there is, there are those other, an other office building, building applied science blocks and y'know by the corner where you cross the road and those kids hang out, y'know –those kids, next to the other well fair building all civil service, and smoke and listen to phone music then there is, there are, are there? is in addition the bowling of Breda party centre hot spot leisure world spot, behind which is the Dee oh me pan op tick con NGO asylum
Basic-Fit Brede Aa Chassé Chassé Chassé,
An artist walk for CLUB SOLO, Breda
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